Meet the Team


We employ qualified teachers as we believe they are key to making a difference in the life of our students. Their full-time employment allows us to deliver a structured English syllabus and ensures stability & continuity for our students.

All our teachers are locally trained educators, with a degree from either Souphanouvong University or the Teacher Training College of Luang Prabang.

They are, for most, from the remote farming villages in the Northern country side of Laos and they initially came to Luang Prabang to further their education.

As such, they are able to relate well to our students, providing cultural context to the topics being taught and translating from English to Lao and vice-versa to check for understanding.

They are dedicated, enthusiastic and care about making a positive change in the life of our students.

Associate Director

Mike, an American, is now living in Luang Prabang year round.  Following retirement from a 40-plus year career with the U. S. Department of Defense and as a consultant with IBM, he began volunteering with various organizations both in the U.S. and overseas. He first volunteered with English Club Laos in January of 2017 and has been supporting the school continuously since October, 2017.
As our Associste Director, he now performs various duties including: coordination and primary support for our volunteers; assisting with communications and planning; continuous improvement of our Lao teacher workforce; enhancing classroom and assessment testing; assisting the director in fund raising activities; and primarily, classroom teaching for our Lao students.


Hello, my name is Khanty Duangmany. I am a teacher at English Club Laos. I graduated from Souphanouvong University in Faculty of Education in July 2017. I grew up in a small village about 100 kilometres north of Luang Prabang.

As a child I didn’t have a chance to study English very much. After I graduated I needed to expand my knowledge and grow my capacity to teach all levels of English. I am a real people person, I love kids and teaching. I love socializing, reading, playing guitar, jogging, and experiencing new things, I love to help people

Office manger

Hello, my name is Kui. I am the office manager at English Club Laos. I am from Hardhien Village Luang Prabang District and Province. I graduated from Luang Prabang Technical Vocational College, majoring in accounting and business management. My hobbies are listening to music and watching English videos to learn more English.

I love working here at English Club Laos, because I like meeting new volunteers who come from different parts of the world, I enjoy exchanging  knowledge and ideas with the volunteers and having new experiences with them.


Hello, my name is Liathor and I am 25 years old. I come from Huaphanh province, northern of Laos and I have ten siblings; three older brothers, four younger brothers and two sisters. In my free time, I sometimes go running and read books. I don’t like parties and I don’t drink alcohol. I graduated from Souphanouvong University, in Luang Prabang, Laos. I studied English teaching there. Now, I am a teacher at English Club Laos. I have been working for this school since 2018. I enjoy teaching English here a lot. I love educating people, especially young Laotian students. To be successful in life, they need education and more importantly, they need to be able to speak English.  English is important in many careers in the world. I am able help them and I have the chance teach them. I am happy to dedicate myself help them to improve their English language skills. I am thankful to the school for allowing me to help the children here.


My name is Khamsone Soukanya, and I am a teacher at English Club Laos. I am from a small village in LuangPrabang. it takes about twenty minutes from the center of town to get to my village. I graduated from LuangPrabang Teacher Training College in Foreign Language Department and I am currently an English teacher at English Club Laos. I really love teaching and really love my job because I can meet volunteer teachers from my different countries and I am delighted to work, get knowledge, new experience from them.   

As you know, English is very important nowadays, and many Lao people, especially Lao students need it to upgrade the skill of their communications and I hope that English will help them to find a good job and good opportunities in their lives. I am so happy and encourage the new Lao generation to learn English.  


My name’s Khamphou Inthaphanya, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Sayaboury district, Sayaboury province. I received a government scholarship to study at the Teacher Training College. I am passionate about teaching because it’s very exciting, and a lot of fun. I help people have a better life and improve my students' futures.